Scotts Lawn Care

Since the mid 1800’s, Scotts lawn care products have been helping American’s to keep their lawns plush and beautiful.


The Scott Miracle-Gro Company has more experience than many other companies do. The the O.M. Scotts Company beginning in 1868. Miracle-Gro¬†¬†opened about 70 years later in 1951. Over the years, Scott’s research and engineering has allowed their lawn care product divisions to develop different products for different regions to allow homeowners around the world to achieve the type of lawn they have always wanted.

Many of the Scotts lawn care products are designed to provide appropriate lawn care throughout the entire year. understanding of what happens to the grass once the temperature drops and it is covered by snow helps Scotts develop seeds that can bounce back quicker from their winter hibernation and grow stronger in each successive year. As perennials, grass can lose it punch over many years, making maintaining soil conditions an important part of Scotts lawn care products.

The right fertilizer formulation for spring, fall, summer and winter can keep the grass health throughout the year, providing it the needed food for the different times of the year. Additionally, not all grasses require the same food and even the same grasses growing in different parts of the country may have different nutritional requirements that can be found in all of Scotts lawn care products.

Even today, Scott remains a leader in lawn care maintenance and anyone going to their website can take advantage of their online Scott’s Lawn Care program builder. This innovative, interactive program takes your through a 4-step process that will design a program to help you to develop your perfect lawn. And you can do this from the comfort of your home computer.

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Whether your grass is Fine Fescue, Zoysia, Bluegrass – or even if you don’t know your grass type, – simply follow the easy instructions on their website. Scott’s program will recommend which of their products you should use. It will also give you recommended feeding times. Admittedly, it’s in Scott’s self interest to recommend their own products. But with their long track record in the lawn care business, it’s also easy to conclude that they know what they’re doing. In fact, many people swear by Scott and look to them for their complete lawn care solution.

Concerned About Lawn Care and Pet Health?

Concerned about pet and child health, some foreign countries where Scott sells their lawn care products have recently begun to ban the use of common pesticides in products sold in their countries. Many homeowners in the U.S. as well have begun to be wary of the chemicals used on their lawn. This has forced/encouraged Scott to develop a new line of natural fertilizers such as Scotts EcoSense Natural Lawn Fertilizer 10-1-5.

Nevertheless, despite over 100 years in producing leading edge Scotts lawn care products, the company continues its research in developing new grass seed strains capable of withstanding anything that nature can throw at it.