Organic Lawn Fertilizer

Nearly all homeowners want a lawn that looks great, but they also want one that is safe. And that’s where many are beginning to seek out a good organic lawn fertilizer in lieu of the many synthetic lawn fertilizers that are on the market.

Organic lawn fertilizers are those that come from natural sources, plant or animal, such as composted plants, dehydrated manure, bone meal, and so on. In the purest sense of the word “organic”, they will have no added chemicals.

Why Choose an Organic Lawn Fertilizer?

The reasons for choosing an organic lawn fertilizer are many:

1) Many homeowners feel that they should be caretakers of the land that they live on and as such, don’t want to pollute the environment. The use of chemical lawn care fertilizer is harmful to the environment. Every time we apply this type of fertilizer to the soil, we destroy the natural fertility of the soil. The run-off from the soil applied with chemical fertilizer is also toxic. Once the run-off reaches the underground water aquifers, our water becomes polluted. Since chemical fertilizer poses danger to our health and the environment, many experts recommend that we use an organic lawn fertilizer.

2) Safety of their families – Many people believe that our society has been using chemical fertilizer on own lawns for many years without really knowing the harmful effects of this practice to our health and to the environment. But now, studies have shown that chemical fertilizer can pollute the environment and can cause mild to moderate side effects on the health of people and pets. Using an organic lawn fertilizer will avoid these potential problems.

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3) We don’t really need synthetic lawn fertilizers to have a good lawn. The companies that produce lawn care products have convinced us though the years that using synthetic lawn fertilizers are “natural”. In fact, we’ve been using them for so long that it’s hard to argue with that premise. It truly is “natural” for many people to use chemical lawn care products. Learning to care for your yard with organic lawn fertilizers requires a change in the way you think. But once you make the change, it will seem natural, just as it was meant to be.

How An Organic Lawn Fertilizer is Produced

Organic fertilizer are natural products of biodegradable substances. The process of creating organic fertilizer is called composting. And it is very easy to produce our own organic lawn fertilizer. All we have to do is to gather all our non-toxic biodegradable waste such as food leftovers, dried leaves, fruit peelings, vegetable peelings and the likes then put them in a container. Cover the container tightly to keep out flies and other insects as well as contain the smell that may be emitted by the rotting materials. Allow the biodegradable waste to rot naturally for a few months. If you want to hasten the process of decomposing the biodegradable matters, you may engage in vermiculture to breakdown these biodegradable materials. Vermiculture uses worms to digest the biodegrable matters.

Lawn fertilizer is one of the essential things that are needed to make your lawn luscious and green. Since lawn care fertilizer is very important to our lawn, many of us tend to take the easy route and use synthetics. Unfortunately, the extravagant use of these has many negative consequences both to our health and to the environment.