Organic Grass Fertilizer Comes to Texas

If you’re a company selling organic grass fertilizer, Texas is probably not the first place that you’d want to think of marketing it. But a biotech company based in Charleston, South Carolina has just reached a distribution agreement with Driscoll Farms located in Rosebud, Texas.

Surya Biofertilizers is a privately held biotech company that specializes in producing safe, organic grass fertilizer along with all sorts of other environmentally friendly types of fertilizer. The agreement with the Texas based Driscoll Farms allows Surya a chance to significantly expand their distribution area. According to Arthur Driscoll, the president of Driscoll Farms, demand for organic fertilizers is rising rapidly in Texas. If the initial distribution turns out well, it will initially affect four counties in Texas, but if all goes as expected, distribution will be expanded to many other areas.

One thing that has inhibited organic lawn fertilizers from catching on in many parts of the country is its cost. Organic grass fertilizers always cost more, sometimes prohibitively more, than chemical fertilizers. But Surya’s product line is priced competitively making it a viable alternative for many who have been hesitant to try organic products because of the cost. Surya prides itself on offering pathogen-free products safe for the lawn, nursery, landscaping, and business areas.

Another factor preventing many homeowners from using organic grass fertilizer is the feeling that they don’t work as well as synthetic fertilizers. But, in truth, in addition to being safer, they often work better on your lawn.

The funding for Surya Biofertilizers comes from Charleston based investors, primarily Jonathan Butler, the co-funder of Automated Trading Desk. It is also being helped by the Charleston Digital Corridor, a sort of business incubator, with the goal of helping companies that offer new and promising technologies in their respective fields.

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?While alternatives to synthetic fertilizers have been available, none have been able to compete on price and quality while improving the overall physical condition of the soil prior to the introduction of Surya Biofertilizers,? said Dannie Barteet, owner of Ravenswood Plantation Sod Farm, Johns Island, SC, one of the first agricultural companies selected to employ Surya Biofertilizers.

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