Lawn Care DIY

You don’t have to be a professional gardener to have a good lawn. DIY or “do it yourself” lawn care is not as difficult as it’s often made out to be, and can even be fun if approached with the right attitude.

Not only that, but DIY lawn care is an excellent way to save money on your lawn maintenance by getting rid of your lawn care service. And you don’t need expensive lawn irrigation systems, fancy garden aerators, or extensive botany knowledge.

DIY Lawn Care Tips

Here are the five main DIY lawn care tips to help keep your lawn looking great all year round.

1) Water your lawn regularly –

All living plants, including grasses, need water. The most important reason that plants need water is that this is how they absorb most of the nutrients that they need. Simply putting fertilizer on grass does not work. The fertilizer needs water to dissolve it and make it’s nutrients available to the grass.

2) Fertilize your lawn before each growing season –

Without nutrients, grass will simply wither and die. Most areas of the country have two growing seasons – and you should fertilize your lawn before each one. If you are thinking of using chemical fertilizers, realize that many people believe that there is a connection between lawn care and pet health. If you want to go the organic lawn care DIY route, there are many organic lawn care products on the market that are available to you.

In addition to fertilizers, seeding the lawn in the springtime can prove to be very beneficial to the success of your lawn in the years to come.

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3) Aerate your lawn  before each growing season –

Basically this involves putting holes in your lawn. Aerating your lawn helps it to absorb water and nutrients.  Aerating the soil every once in a while helps to ensure that the grass roots get maximum amount of water. It also makes your lawn a good environment for beneficial insects. Go here for some good lawn aeration tips.

4) Cut and mow your lawn regularly during the growing season –

This can be good exercise for you. But more than that, keeping your lawn mowed and cared for will help your property to maintain it’s curb appeal and resale value. The important thing is to not mow the grass too close to the ground. Doing so will weaken it.

5) Weed your lawn –

Undoubtedly, the most boring and time consuming of DIY lawn care tasks – especially if you are wary of putting chemicals on your lawn and want to make it as environmentally friendly as possible. Nevertheless, weeding must be done in order to keep your lawn looking its best.

Each year people spend millions of dollars in lawn care and a large chunk of that money fills the pockets of professional lawn care service companies and landscapers who do what you can easily do yourself with a few DIY tips. You may also discover  DIY lawn care to be a relaxing and comforting pastime that you look forward to doing each week.