Artificial Grass Cost – The Hidden Fees

You can install artificial grass indoors or outdoors. But the true artificial grass cost of an outdoor installation is a bit higher than the indoor installation if you factor in the additional maintenance costs.

Artificial grass first hit major sports arenas in the mid 1960’s. Sometime in the seventies, it had become so common that both indoor and outdoor stadiums were using them for football, baseball, and other sports. The prime forcing driving the transition from real grass to artificial grass was cost – the continuing cost of maintaining and re-planing the ports fields.

The Hidden Artificial Grass Cost

By installing artificial grass, you save on the weekly maintenance cost of caring for it. However, the initial artificial grass cost can be exorbitantly high. Also, artificial grass doesn’t last forever. Especially in the case of sports fields where the wear and tear can cause it to be replaced in about 7-9 years.

Installing artificial grass involves multiple steps. First, the original grass has to be removed. Make sure that your cot estimates cover this expense. Second, costs depends on the area of the country where you’re installing it, but figure on an average artificial grass cost of about $10 per square foot. For a higher quality artificial grass product, the price may increase to as much as $15 a square foot.

Third, just because the grass is artificial doesn’t mean that it it’s maintenance free – especially those stored outdoors. Artificial grass installed in sports arenas will have blood, spit, drinks and other trash that needs to be clean. Get an estimate of the cost of this in your area and add it to your budget.

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Artificial grass will also fade and lose it’s color over time. If you want to bring it’s color back – you’ll have to pay for re-coloring. If you are installing artificial grass in a home, bear in mind that it may actually decrease your property value as many homeowners are not attracted to artificial grass. This is not to say that you shouldn’t install artificial grass. You should simply be aware of its hidden costs.

How Artificial Grass Can Save You Money

In some terrains, it’s just impossible to grow real grass. Maybe the soil doesn’t support it, or the temperature is too hot, or there’s a water shortage. In this case, rather than futilely throwing your money away by trying to grow grass – it’s just easier and cheaper on the pocketbook to install artificial grass. It also makes financial sense if the lawn care services in your area have priced their weekly or monthly maintenance fees too high.

The cost of artificial grass has come down significantly since it was first introduced. In addition, the quality of the various types of artificial grass has improved possibly making it a suitable replacement for the real life grass lawns in your home, office, or sports venue.